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Wetzel’s Private Language Classes – What Our Students Think

Wetzel’s Private Language Classes – What Our Students Think

At Wetzel Services we offer a variety of ways to learn languages and understand different cultures. Our highly qualified teachers conduct private and group language classes, conversation meet-ups, business culture seminars, and more. Over the next few months we’d like to share some of the feedback we’ve received from our students, starting with those taking private language classes.

In our private language classes, teachers usually meet with students for two hours once a week. They schedule times throughout the day, based on need and availability. Lessons may take place at students’ workplaces, homes, or public places such as cafes and libraries. Since they are working one-to-one, teachers are able to accommodate specific preferences regarding lesson content and style.

Here’s what some of our students have to say about their private language lessons:

Students taking English lessons:

“I feel in good hands with Susan. We talk a lot and start now to work on grammar. It is good to have one who tells you your mistakes. I’m happy with her.”

“I couldn’t imagine a better teacher. He’s challenging me not only regarding the language but also with the interesting discussions about culture and politics. I’m looking forward to every Tuesday morning when we regularly meet. I’m sure I’ve made some progress as well and feel already very confident in English now.”

“I am so happy with my teacher! I feel much more comfortable now in making telephone calls or talking to people. Also, she always lets me know what is going on in town.”

A parent, regarding her 9-year-old’s English tutoring:

“I can honestly say that we are perfectly happy. The teacher is doing a great job, my daughter and her get along really well, and my daughter has made impressive progress during the last weeks, thanks to the great support. Won’t take long and she will be more fluent than me.”

A student taking German lessons:

“My teacher’s approach is very effective and efficient. The materials used are personalized and focus on the areas requiring the most attention. I am extremely pleased with the lessons and the progress I’ve made so far.”

A student taking Spanish lessons:

“I would recommend my teacher to others as a great teacher with a comprehensive knowledge of Spanish. She is very adept at identifying and working on trouble spots with students to help them gain solid speaking and grammatical skills.”

If you’d like more information about our private language classes, please visit our website and get in touch by clicking the “Contact Now” button. We’d love to help you or your staff meet your language needs!