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Students Love Group Language Classes At Wetzel

Students Love Group Language Classes at Wetzel

Recently we shared feedback from students enjoying our private language lessons. Did you know we also do group classes? We offer a variety of seminars, each with a specific focus. Our Professional English Course covers business vocabulary. This includes idioms and slang commonly used in the workplace. The Skilled English Series goes deeper. It teaches culturally appropriate ways to disagree, ask questions, give criticism, and more. American Conversations is a more relaxed course that meets at local coffee shops and covers a variety of topics. The group context allows students to share experiences, get acquainted, and support one another. As a result, classes are lively and engaging, as well as advantageous.

We think our students say it best though. Read on to see what they think of Wetzel Services’ group classes and their instructor:

From a German Student:

“I took already three classes and enjoyed every one of them. Besides the standard agenda, the teacher answers any question you might have about grammar, vocabulary, work/life in the U.S. and so on.”

From a student who has taken 80+ hours of group courses:

Rebecca is the best language and culture teacher I’ve ever had. The classes are always entertaining and there is not a boring moment at all. 

“Since she is mixing the teaching of the language with teaching of the American culture you learn much more than you would’ve expected. She is not correcting every single mistake the students do, but rather focuses on typical and repetitive mistakes, which keeps the flow of the class.”

From a student who has taken 100 hours of group courses:

 “One can tell, this teacher has worked with different nationalities for a long time. She patiently answers questions, and responds to comments she probably heard a thousand times before.

“Her classes are always educational, not just because she’s doing such a great job teaching the language, but also because she’s doing an awesome job teaching about the American culture and people.”

From a student who has taken a mix of private and group classes:

“Rebecca is on the one hand always well prepared and on the other hand she’s able to adapt to the participants quickly. I can highly recommend her courses!”  

For more information about our group classes, come visit our website. Then click on the “CONTACT NOW” button to find out how we can specifically benefit your organization.