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Meet Susannah

Meet Susannah

susannahHi, my name is Susannah Barba, and I am the new Language Manager at Wetzel Languages. I have been teaching through Wetzel Languages since 2011, but I am happy to take on this expanded role to help expats with language learning.

I love interviewing, learning and writing, so I majored in journalism at college. After several years as a writer and editor, however, I was itching for travel and adventure. In 2007, I moved from Greenville to the frigid, fascinating city of Changchun in northeastern China to teach English to university students.

As an American in China, I experienced the joys and frustrations of any expat as I attempted to learn Chinese, find my way around by foot/bus/taxi/metro, navigate the culture, build relationships with Chinese friends and succeed as a teacher. By the end of my three years in China, I could handle my chopsticks and speak enough Chinese to bargain at the vegetable market and banter with taxi drivers. I had won an award for being an outstanding expat teacher in my province, and I had come to relish tofu and seaweed. It was time to come home.

Back in Greenville since 2010, I have taught daily English group classes at a private institute for adult students from nearly 20 countries, as well as teaching at Wetzel Languages. In addition to a B.A. in journalism and M.A. in English, I hold a TESOL Certificate from Oxford Seminars.

On September 1, 2011, I married Daniel Lopez, a handsome expat from Barcelona and aspiring Mediterranean chef at Time to Taste Catering. Evenings and weekends for us often include having friends over for dinner, attending Emmanuel Bible Church in Mauldin, and running 5K races in downtown Greenville. Spanish, my husband’s native language, is my top language-learning priority. My goal is to develop my Spanish enough to chat comfortably with my in-laws when Daniel and I make our annual trips to Spain.