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Language Learning For Adults

Language Learning for Adults

“Language is like jazz: both are spontaneous compositions derived from a finite set of elements (notes or words). But the jazz analogy may compel people to think that they simply don’t have the talent. What they don’t realise is how obsessively John Coltrane practiced, repeating scales and arpeggios over and over again to build up the skills he would need to make that freeform composition on the stage seem so effortless.” —

“Almost all the adults I know think learning a new language in adulthood is impossible….The biggest hurdle to learning a language is psychological.”’s recent article “Language learning for adults and how to make it work” offers helpful advice, including taking it slow and steady, taking a class, reading and relaxing.

Wetzel Languages currently offers English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese. Our team of native speaker teachers have years of experience teaching languages to adults. If you would like to learn a new language through customized private lessons, call or email us for a quote (864-286-1177; [email protected]).