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It’s true that Germany and the U.S. have much in common.  But anyone who has lived both places will tell you there is no lack of differences!  What an American intends as friendliness can be easily read as lack of professionalism; what a German means as respect and politeness may look to an American like a cold shoulder.

Our German Intercultural Seminar is directed primarily at American expats, highlighting the differences in public, business, and social norms between the two countries.  It grounds these differences in an explanation of our differing histories and core values –just understanding where the differences came from makes the adjustment easier (and the expat assignment a lot less frustrating!).


Get in touch with us today!

Get in touch with us today!

Part I (4 hours)
What is Culture?
Breaking through Culture Shock
Profile of Germany (including Practical Tips)
Q & A

Part II (4 hours)
Opinions and Stereotypes
Core Values
Social and Public Behavior
Business Interaction
Q &A