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Why Intercultural Training?

Some expatriate assignments are a great success for both employer and employee; some end in failure.  What is the main difference between the two?  The ability of the expatriate family to adjust to the new culture!

What does Intercultural Training include?

Our intercultural seminars give expatriate employees and their families an essential introduction to their new host culture –

  • a profile of the country they will be living in
  • the main values of that culture
  • the keys to successful social and business interaction
  • practical tips on daily life
  • a guide to managing culture shock.

Why take Intercultural Training with Wetzel?

Experience: We work every day with expatriate families around the world, helping them acclimate to both the practical realities and the cultural novelties of life in the U.S., China, Mexico, Germany, and more. After years of helping people integrate into new cultures, we know the challenges  they face and what it takes to succeed.  Most of our intercultural trainers have been expats too, so they have a very personal interest in preparing their students for international success.

Flexibility: Our seminars are compact (8 total hours) and can be scheduled at times and locations convenient for you (in one, two, or three sessions).  Training can be conducted in German or English, or in select additional languages upon request.

For more information about our Intercultural Training, contact our Language Manager at [email protected].