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Our Seminars
Cross-Culture Business Seminar

The Cross-Culture Business Seminar explores the underlying cultural values which lead to specific workplace behaviors.

Intercultural Training to the U.S.

The Intercultural Training to the U.S. equips you and your family to understand your American neighbors.

Intercultural Training to Germany

The Intercultural Training to Germany equips you and your family to understand your German neighbors.

Intercultural Training to Mexico

The Intercultural Training to Mexico equips you and your family to understand the Mexican culture.

Intercultural Training to China

The Intercultural Training to China equips you and your family to better understand your Chinese neighbors.

Going Home: A Repatriation Seminar

Our Repatriation Seminar helps prepare you for a successful readjustment to your home culture and workplace.

About Our Intercultural Training Program

Some expatriate assignments are a great success for both employer and employee. Others end in failure.  What is the main difference between the two? The ability of the expatriate family to adjust to the new culture.  Our Intercultural Program equips you and your family to understand your international neighbors. If you work in a diverse environment or operate internationally, allow us to help you gain a better understanding of the business, social, and cultural differences between the groups with whom you are interacting. We can help you enhance business relationships and educate your staff to be more culturally competent.

Most of our intercultural seminars are a total of 8 hours, taken in two parts of 4 hours each that can be scheduled at times convenient for you. Training can be conducted in English, German, Spanish or Chinese. Most of our intercultural trainers have been expats too, so they have a very personal interest in preparing their students for international success.

Our Intercultural Trainers
intercultural trainer in greenville south carolina

Fabrizio, an Italian/American citizen, was born and bred in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. From early on, he was exposed to different cultures and languages (German, Italian, French, Spanish and English). He graduated with an undergrad degree in Food Process Engineering from the Polytechnical University in Zurich and worked in the food industry in Europe. Later, he acquired a CELTA degree (Teaching English as a Second Language) and a master’s degree in English. In 2013, he completed a PhD program in New Testament Theology from Bob Jones University in Greenville, S.C., because he believes that the biblical message is timeless and relevant for peoples of all cultures.


Barbara and her family have been living in the U.S. as expats since 2012. A native German, she worked as a certified teacher in Germany starting in 1999. She also spent 2.5 years in the U.K., where she taught German as a second language at an international company and at a private school. Barbara appreciates the opportunity to immerse herself in a foreign culture, meet people with different backgrounds and keep learning English the way “people really speak it.”  Barbara has a son who is 10 and a daughter who is 8. In her free time she enjoys reading, meeting friends and painting on canvas. During school vacation, she and her family drive around in their RV, trying to see as much as possible of this beautiful country.

intercultural trainer in greenville south carolina
intercultural trainer in greenville south carolina
Xiao Kai

Xiao Kai is from Changsha, in Hunan Province, China. She came to the States in 1989 after receiving her bachelor’s degree in foreign languages and went on to earn a master’s in education with a minor in English from the University of Arkansas and a master’s in library and information sciences from the University of South Florida.  Xiao Kai and her husband, John, moved to Greenville in 1999 to be near John’s family. She devotes much of her spare time to volunteering at her two children’s schools and in the community. She taught Chinese in a community Chinese school for seven years and has been teaching Chinese lessons and Intercultural Training Seminars for Wetzel since 2010.


Debbie and her husband, who teaches medieval history at Furman University, have been learning to appreciate Southern culture, cooking, language, and manners since they moved south to Greenville in 1982. Debbie has worked at the Greenville County Main Library and the Upcountry History Museum, and for Wetzel as a TESOL-certified English teacher and intercultural trainer.  Debbie says that languages have always been her favorite thing – studying them, thinking about them, listening to them and of course speaking them! She speaks French, and has been working on Spanish, Italian, and German with varying degrees of success. She has lived, studied or taught in Normandy, San Miguel de Allende (Mexico) and Ecuador.

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Ying came to the States in 2001 from Liaoning Province, China. She earned a doctoral degree in Education in Curriculum and Instruction in 2015 and an M.A. in English Education in 2003 from Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Education from Baohai University and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics at Dalian Maritime University in China. She has been teaching Chinese language in the Division of Foreign Language and Literature at Bob Jones University since 2001. She has taught Chinese language lessons and Intercultural Training to China (or to the U.S., for Chinese speakers) for Wetzel since 2010. Ying’s other skills include years of competitive badminton and Chinese brush calligraphy.
Sanaz joined the Wetzel Team in September 2017. She grew up in Germany but lived in Zurich/Switzerland as an expat for seven years before her husband’s work brought them and their son to Greenville in 2015. She holds a PhD in Adult education and Didactics, and she worked as a university professor for many years. She has been involved in various international projects in that capacity.
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