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IMMERSE: An English Immersion Program

Learn and practice English in real-life contexts
while soaking up Southern charm!

How it Works

Step 1: Language Assessment

Before the IMMERSE program, our language evaluation expert will conduct a one-on-one language assessment with you in person or by webcam. Then they will determine your precise English level and identify your needs. 

Step 2: Customized Lessons

When you come to Greenville for an IMMERSE program, you will receive instruction from a team of highly-experienced instructors. Each instructor takes turns teaching one-on-one lessons in their area of expertise. 

Step 3: Real World Application

You will reinforce your language skills through practical activities that are not only fun, but also allow you to experience the charming Greenville, South Carolina.

See what our clients have to say

“I had private classes with Wetzel for two weeks. The lessons were customized to my wishes and needs.  I spent a lot of time with different teachers in the area and learned not only the language, but also about the background of the people, culture and way of life in South Carolina. It was a great time – Learn, experience, discover.” — Hildegard, traveler from Germany

“This was the best English course I have ever had. We weren’t just inside the classroom. We also did activities around the city as well. The teachers were great and I improved my conversational English skills, which benefits me at work and in life. My English has really improved.”  —Ronald, engineer from Germany

“Thank you very much to all your team for the excellent work. It was really an opportunity to me to improve my English, and I am already benefiting at the business meeting where I am now. I will repeat the program in the future.” — Javier, CEO from Spain

Why Greenville?

You may not have heard of Greenville, South Carolina before. But it is one of the up-and-coming cities in the United States! Greenville is gaining recognition around the country for its charming downtown, friendly people, and excellent quality of life.  It’s a city that is home to many international companies and a great place to experience the American way of life through an English immersion program.