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English Immersion Course For Travelers

English Immersion Course for Travelers

As Hildegard found out that her husband would be on an extended business trip in Greenville, SC, she was excited about the idea of visiting him.  He was planning to stay for around a year, and she was looking forward to spending some time with him in the United States and learning more about the English language and American culture, which is why she wanted to take an English immersion course for travelers.   

English Immersion Course for TravelersBefore the Trip

Before Hildegard came, she made sure to sign up for IMMERSE, an English immersion course created by Wetzel Languages.  Like most Germans, Hildegard had taken a lot of English classes in school and felt like she understood the grammar quite well.  However, due to a lack of practical experience, she struggled with speaking, and really wanted to improve her conversation skills.  Accordingly, we created an intensive English course that emphasized English communication, with a few touches of grammar when applicable.

The Classes – A Fun Way to Learn English

The classes with Hildegard were enjoyable.  Hildegard wasn’t stuck in a classroom studying English the entire day.  Instead, teachers took her to some of the best places around the city to have a coffee, ice cream, and lunch.  Of course, Hildegard worked diligently on her English speaking skills, but was also able to have fun and explore the American culture while she was learning.  

Hildegard also had a few unique experiences.  During one class, she ran into a group of protesters and struck up a conversation with them about U.S. and German politics.  It was a challenging topic, but it also made for an interesting and educational conversation for both sides.  In another class, Hildegard went to Cracker Barrel to eat an authentic southern breakfast.  She tried biscuits and gravy, grits, and apple butter for the first time, and loved that she was able to taste some traditional regional food and learn more about southern culture.  A day later, Hildegard and her teacher were having class in an outdoor cafe, while they met someone from the north of the United States.  They ended up discussing regional differences between the north and the south, and Hildegard was able to learn more about the U.S. culture while simultaneously acquiring new English vocabulary.

All in all, it was a great experience for everyone.  Thank you for coming, Hildegard, and we hope to see you in Greenville again!

Visit the IMMERSE website for more information about English immersion courses